What is your favourite type of spread?

You don’t actually have to find the winner of any races to make good profits from betting on horse racing. I know that some people may now be thinking that I am going to talk about the place market or each way betting but actually I want to touch on something a little different.

There may be some of you who are reading this that have already found, use and profit from these markets but for the majority of day to day bettors spread betting on horse racing will be something very new, different and may appear a little complex. The reality once you have grasped the basics it is in fact very straight forward and a mechanism of betting that offers some very unique opportunities. It is also an area in which I have personally made significant profits from over the last two years

What are the advantages of Spread Betting?

With spread betting you get a wide variety of different markets to choose from and below are examples of different horse racing markets.

Double Numbers


63 – 66 0/0


70 – 74 0/0
Starting Prices


40 – 43 0/0
Winning Distances


Suspended 0/0
2nd to 3rd Distances


Suspended 0/0
99s Distances


Suspended 0/0
Racecard No.1s


44 – 47 0/0
Racing Post Favs


64 – 68 0/0
Spotlight Verdict 60 – 64 0/0
Stop At A Winner


30 – 32 /0

This list is by no means exhaustive and the market that I focus on more than any other is Matchbets. This is where two horses are matched against each other by the odds compiler and you have to decide which will finish ahead of the other, regardless of who wins the race. The market is determined by the number of lengths difference between the two horses at the end of the race (Max 12L flat/AW & 15L NH).

The other advantages of spread betting are that you are pitting your wits against one odds compiler as opposed to a fully formed market. Whilst they are very good they don’t always get it right and opportunities do present themselves. You can also bet without the limitations in terms of liquidity associated with exchange betting.

Spread betting can be perceived as risky but you just need to understand your maximum liability and manage your bankroll and £ per point bets accordingly e.g. in a National Hunt Matchbet the maximum win or liability is 15 lengths therefore betting at £1 per point the most you can win/lose is £15.

How does Spread Betting actually work?

Buy or Sell?

A spread betting company will set a price on an event e.g. a Matchbet

If you think the quote is too low you would ‘Buy’ at the higher price, if you think it is too high you ‘Sell’ at the lower price, example below

Newbury 12:20: Avispa/Taniokey  Sell 0 – 1.5 Buy

If I buy I am backing Avispa to beat Taniokey but giving it 1.5 lengths head start, if I sell I am backing Taniokey to beat Avispa and there is no head start (the buy figure is always on the right and sell on the left)

I buy Avispa and he beats Taniokey by 6.5L, the result is therefore
6.5 (result) – 1.5 (buy price) = +5pts

Where can I place Spread Bets?

There are a number of different companies offering sports spread betting but the two most established in the UK are Spreadex and Sporting Index. I believe they both offer sign up offers but please check this out prior to signing up.

If you are interested in exploring Spread Betting further please check the link below


Live Spread Bets

During December I will be posting Matchbet selections to the Academy members via the forum. This will be an area I will be exploring further in the early part of 2015 as there are very few services of this nature currently in the market. For further details please take a look at the Training Academy introduction.

Meerkat System update

For those people that have been following the Meerkat system I have been recording the line by line results during October and November and the summary performance is below. The full results are available via the the following link  Meerkat results and you can download the FREE PDF here.

October; +1.6pts, Strike rate 23.2%, ROI +1.9%

November; +9.2pts, Strike Rate 26.8%, ROI +11.2%

It has continued to be steady and I will give a further update at the start of January.


If you have any questions or comments please post below


Thanks Simon

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