Trend Is Our Friend

Trend Is Our Friend was launched in March 2014 and has delivered exceptional profits over the 20 months it has been supplying tips to its members.

The selections for this service are generated by a portfolio of between 20 and 30 micro systems which on their own would not generate enough daily/weekly selections but as a group are ideal. Each micro system has been tested against a specific a range of statistics to ensure that it both generates a strong return on investment and is not based on luck or chance.

Each micro system is reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure that the expected level of performance is being maintained and where it is not either adjusted (where a positive difference can be realised) or removed from the portfolio. I am also constantly developing new angles, so new systems are regularly added so the make-up is constantly changing to suit time of year, conditions etc. Many systems are also month specific so will not be generating selections at certain times of the year.

Proofed Results Performance...

To get the full details of all the TiOF results since launch including a downloadable excel spreadsheet containing points profit, strike rates and ROI please go to the results section on the web-site or use the link below.

TiOF Results

The 'Trend Is Our Friend’' Bank And Staking Plan

I would suggest a starting bank of 100 points and the majority of bets will be 2 points (either 2pt wins or 1pt e/w), there will be some occasional bets where higher stakes are advised but these will be very rare rare. Most bets will be advised as Win or Each Way, however there may be the occasional Place or Dutch bet but none of the more exotic bets as my philosophy is strong strike rates and regular winners.

You will see for yourself that my results are based on modest staking which shows in a very high return on investment unlike many other services that rely on larger bets to produce their returns.


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