REVEALED... How An Ex Somerfield Supermarket Director Ditched The CO-OP Supermarket Takeover For Full Time Racing Profits & How You Can Cash In On His RARE ABILITY To Pick CONSISTENT WINNERS!

My name is Simon Patton and I am a professional gambler, horse racing tipster and betting advisor. When people ask me what i do, i prefer the term “odds investor’.

I have been betting on the horses since I was sixteen years old but, only started to take it really seriously about 8 years ago.

My success as a part-time bettor finally convinced me to quit my day job as Board Director for a large UK based organisation Somerfield Supermarket. (You can google me by clicking here) I was now betting on the horses full-time and I have to say, I’ve never once looked back or had a moments regret.

That is not to say that I haven't made mistakes or gone through some very steep learning curves which I most certainly have.

When I was doing well in my part-time betting my approach to identifying selections was purely through form reading.

This would mean finishing work and then back to the hotel (my job was based in the South West and I was living in the North East) to scour the following days race cards.

As I had restrictions on my time I would specialise in certain sorts of racing which back then was National Hunt Handicaps.

"My Approach Was Bringing Me Success And I Felt Like The Hard Work Was Paying Off"

So after Somerfield finally sold to Co-op (see the story here on the BBC website) I took the opportunity to take the plunge and move to gambling full time.

My thinking was that with more time available my analysis would be even stronger and my performance would improve further.

To cut a long story short my performance probably maintained it's previous level which allowed me to make a living but I was spending 10 hours a day either analysing or watching racing.

Whilst I loved it the reality was, I was becoming a little obsessed and not moving forward.

"So What Changed Everything For Me"

It was in early 2012 when I attended a seminar that was promoting Betfair betting software and I met a guy who introduced me to the concept of horse racing systems and micro systems.

When I talk about systems I don't mean the ones that you can pay £29.99 for on Amazon that from my experience 90% of them don't produce long term consistent profits. (I know because I probably tried most of them in my early betting years). 

I mean the development of betting systems using specific software of which there are a number of good products on the market, I based this on specific angles and strategies.

This was a bit of a revelation for me and because I am naturally a very analytical person it really played to my strengths. As a result of this I purchased some software and set about testing different theories.

As I really wanted to see if this worked I actually stopped most of my betting for 6 months as I didn't have enough time to do both. I also read a lot of historic horse racing books just to find small nuggets for different angles.

The process involved identifying an angle, back testing it and then where there were signs of encouragement - paper trading for 8/12 weeks.

As the different software has evolved it is a far more sophisticated process now and you have the benefit of some fantastic statistical information that any mathematician would be proud of. This validated past and expected future performance.

"What Happened Next..."

By the autumn of 2012 I had developed my first 3 systems that I was using for my day to day betting.

The biggest advantage was where previously it was taking me 4/5 hours to prepare for an afternoons racing it was now taking me 1 hour at the most. This ultimately allowed me to spend more time refining my current systems and developing new ones.

I also had more confidence in the bets I was making and it became mentally much easier to deal with the inevitable losing runs that happens to every bettor at some point.

I was also much clearer on my expected return on investment and therefore able to project required bankroll requirements and staking plans.

"So Then What?"

Well first of all and most importantly my performance improved and ROI increased 3 fold.

As I had more time on my hands I started to think about other areas where I could develop in the betting arena and as a result I started to proof some of my systems to various betting web-sites.

As a result in 2013 I launched my first tipping service based on my systems and due to their success I was asked to write articles on the subject for various betting sites and review other paid for services in the market at Betting Rant.

(You can see my reviews here on Betting Rant...)

When I started out betting on the horses, I, like many people, paid tipsters for their advice.

My experience of tipsters has been varied throughout the years and I have good experiences and some terrible ones. As mentioned above I have also reviewed many different services for betting sites.

My overriding view was that whilst the performance of the tipsters will differ dramatically the one constant was that 99% of the time the tipsters are happy to take the subscription fees and just send the tips.

This got me thinking about how it would be great to offer a more rounded service where as well as giving the tips I could offer some education or advice in different areas of betting on the horses.

My view is that if I can help people to avoid some of the mistakes I made or speed up the learning process that has to be a good thing.

As a result of this I have developed and delivered some horse race betting workshops that really focused on some of the fundamental basics and I always try to help my subscribers in specific areas of betting.

From this i have decided the best way to deliver future racing nuggets is from my very own racing academy… more on this later.

"What Others Are Saying..."


Over the 60 days I received 147 tips, of which 10 became non-runners. I placed 137 bets and had 36 winners for a strike rate of 26.3%. Now that is not exceptional for a tipster who might be sending out win bets on very short priced favourites.

But these bets were on horses priced anywhere and everywhere between odds of 3.5 to 21.0, with winners at various prices in that range. The average tip was sent out at 5.95 I think that is an excellent result at those prices.

Over the 60 days of this review I made a profit of 93.68 points. At just £10 a point that is a very nice £936.80 of profit before you pay your subs for the service. I will leave you to work out how much you could have made using your preferred amount per point.

At £100 per point it would have made you £9,368 which is a great result in anybody’s money.

If you want your betting bank to grow steadily, Patton’s Profits can certainly help you to achieve that aim. I am voting with my cash, and my subscription to this service is set to continue. Need I say more?


This is proving to be a very profitable & remarkably consistent service.

In September there were 22 winners from 80 selections and a profit of 59.29pts.

After nearly 3 months there have been 61 winners from 230 selections & a cumulative profit of 145.88 pts & a ROI of 31.71%.

The service has been running since April with no losing months, & looking at the results there seems to be no discernible difference in profits between English & Irish Racing nor turf or AW.

Definitely a service to consider.

Regards Rod

If you are a Betting School Insiders member you can access the full review of my services on the link below.

I have over 50 testimonials from past customers that I am willing to show you if you email me but, for me to list them all here will be a waste of space on the page! Plus you will probably only read a few or skip them anyway!

I know lots of tipsters list testimonials but, they can be fabricated and so i have chosen not to add them. What's better is the reviews from review sites above. Now they cannot be fabricated!

"Patton Racing Profits - My Flagship Racing Service"

The selections for this service are based upon a specific set of ratings that I have developed over the last 3 years and have been fine tuned continuously to deliver consistent performance. I only give a maximum of 3 selections per day and the staking plan is designed whereby we only ever need one winner on the day to make a profit. I also never advise any selection at less than 5/2 (3.5)

I spend a lot of my time researching and will always be looking to refine the ratings as required to meet the changing demands and trends within Horse Racing. My basic principles are to deliver consistent strike rates and a high return on investment through mostly win and each way single bets. This service is not about exotic type bets but consistent profit.

As a result of this long losing runs are not a common occurance, giving peace of mind to subscribers and confidence to those who want consistent steady returns from their betting. The ratings themselves are derived from multiple factors and will always take into consideration the expected conditions on the day but do also include some sophisticated weighting techniques that take into account results over the last 7 years but then overlay current trends. I’m extremely proud of the ratings I have developed but more importantly the selections it produces and the exciting profits it delivers to my members.

"My Proofed Results..."

To get the full details of all the PRP results since launch including a downloadable excel spreadsheet containing points profit, strike rates and ROI please go to the results section on the web-site or use the link below.

PRP Results

"The Bank And Staking Plan"

I would suggest a starting bank of 100 points (you could start with as little as 50 points) and the majority of bets will be 2 points (either 2pt wins or 1pt e/w), there will be some occasional bets where higher stakes are advised but these will be very rare. Most bets will be advised as Win or Each Way, however there may be the occasional place or dutch bet but none of the more exotic bets as my philosophy is strong strike rates and regular winners.

You will see for yourself that my results are based on modest staking which shows in a very high return on investment unlike many other services that rely on larger stakes to produce their returns.

"You Now Have The Chance To Be Part Of A Very Select Group…"

One which will give you the WINNING tips YOU NEED to succeed in your betting.

You need to understand that the majority of people do not make long term profits from horse racing… Through a lot of hard work and dedication I am one of the small percentage that do, and now I can help you do the same…

You need to grasp how to do this right now, before it is to late for you. So you don’t get fed up with racing and simply quit before ever really experiencing winning results on a more frequent basis.

If you keep doing the same thing you have always done, how the hell is tomorrow going to be any different than today? If you don't turn your attention to this fact alone, then you may well end up going around in circles for years to come.

"My Members Know I Give Them That Extra Edge Required To Win..."

You now have the opportunity to benefit from my years of racing knowledge and highly developed ratings to help you deliver long term profit.

You will be part of my professional service and more importantly I will provide you with confidence through delivering winning selections.

My own personal betting is based on the same selections you will be receiving, it is really like having a personal horse racing mentor.


"It's Time To Make That Important Decision..."

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