'Hot Races' Service Launched In March 2015

Headline Results Since Launch (up to 31/1/18)

Total Profit; +278.7pts




The 'Hot Races' service launched on Monday 16th March 2015 and is an additional free bonus service for all dual subscribers i.e. members of Patton Racing Profits plus either the Academy or Trend is Our Friend. It is also available to be purchased as a stand alone service.

The service is based on races ran over the last 90 days which have produced multiple winners. Selections are identified where horses that were competitive in these races and have yet to run since but the form has been franked.

All selections will be sent via e-mail. There are two tabs in the attached spreadsheet; Monthly stats- this shows the headline monthly results including strike rate and return on investment Results- This shows every individual selection since the service started in April 2014, it also shows both the monthly and cumulative profit and loss.

All rule 4 deductions have been included