Hot Races

The 'Hot Races' service was launched in March 2015 and is both a FREE BONUS for anybody that subscribes to two or more services from Simon Patton Racing or can be purchased as a stand alone service.

'Hot Races' focuses on strong past races, ran over the last 90 days which have since produced multiple winners. Selections are identified where horses that were competitive in these races (determined by distance beaten or won) are now making their first run since that race. Their form has been franked due the competitiveness of their last race and the subsiquent positive results of horses that have since ran again.

This service can throw up some great longer odds selections, as whilst the horses last finishing position may not have been that positive, they still gave a strong run due to the overall quality of it's previous race. The previous finishing position can often lead to a horse going 'under the radar' or being under-bet leading to great value odds being available.


Proofed Results Performance...

To get the full details of all the Hot Races results since launch including a downloadable excel spreadsheet containing points profit, strike rates and ROI please go to the results section on the web-site or use the link below.

Hot Races Results

The 'Hot Races’' Bank And Staking Plan

I would suggest a starting bank of 100 points and the majority of bets will be 2 points (either 2pt wins or 1pt e/w), there will be some occasional bets where higher stakes are advised but these will be very rare rare. Most bets will be advised as Win or Each Way, however there may be the occasional Place or Dutch bet but none of the more exotic bets as my philosophy is strong strike rates and regular winners.

You will see for yourself that my results are based on modest staking which shows in a very high return on investment unlike many other services that rely on larger bets to produce their returns.


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1 Month Subscription Only £19.99
3 Months Subscription Only £49.99(£16.66 per month)
6 Months Subscription Only £89.99(£14.99 per month)
12 Months Subscription Only £149.99(£12.49 per month)