SP Racing Tipping Services Update

Please find below a summary of the  2017 (to end of Nov) performance for each of the four SP Racing tipping services including Return On Investment and Strike Rate stats. 

Please note; all profit figures include rule 4 deductions where applicable

Patton Racing Profits (PRP)

Profit; +106.2pts

ROI; +10.7%

Strike Rate; 23.0%

Trend Is Our Friend

Profit; +40.4pts

ROI; 0.3%

Strike Rate; 23.1%%

Hot Races

Profit; +168.7pts

ROI; 20.9%

Strike Rate; 26.9%

Speed Selections

Profit; +107.1pts

ROI; 11.8%

Strike Rate; 20.66%

The overall profit figure in 2017 across all four services is currently +422.4pts. This means if you had bet £10 on every selection you would have made a profit of £4224.00 in 11 months.

Full details of each service can be found in the Tipping Services menu above. 

Below you can find a special subscription offer for all 4 tipping services. This offers an excellent portfolio of daily selections that have all proven to deliver long term profitability!   



Annual Subscription To All Four Tipping ServicesOnly £299 (£24.91 per month)
Monthly Subscription To All Four Tipping ServicesOnly £49.99